Things that are still getting updated

Having a front page that pretty much kills the site off was a bad idea. I’m still updating parts of the site, even if the blogging’s taken an indefinite break. I’m not dead, and neither is the site…. There’s are the things wot are still getting updated.

The Gallery
The Music Collection

Please feel free to keep an eye on those as they’re updated regularly. I’m still on facebook, twitter, email ( – if I know you, I’ll reply with a decent email address, this one’s got spam filters up to the eyeballs)

Database error

A database connection could not be established. And by that, I actually mean I’m sick of looking at a blog that hasn’t been updated for nonths Months. There is no error, I’ve just deleted all of the posts. Back soon with something even more boring. Honest.

EDIT: Thanks ‘e’ for noticing the question. To answer why it’s in every category. It’s because I wanted a brief explanation on why the posts are no longer on there, and not leave dud links on the front page, but it’s all academic now anyway, so I’ve took them off.

People of ZX Spectrum land!

I’ve been going through some old tapes, and found the following (rather knackered) recording. I have no recollection which game it’s from, but if you do, I’d appreciate it if you let me know!

[UPDATE 10/2/2014]
Poot, 28 comments and 160+ downloads of the file and still no further forward! I’ll keep searching. Thanks all for the help so far though!

[UPDATE 19/11/2014]
Added this to the Spectrum 4 Ever Facebook group, on the off-chance someone knows what it is. To answer questions, yes, the tape is knackered. It would have been a recording taken directly from my Speccy+’s Ear socket, into a cheap “slimline” tape recorder. Probably running of batteries, I can’t remember.