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UPDATE: March 2017 – Jean’s nephew David has posted a couple of comments, thanks to him for taking the time to comment and post her obituary, sadly she passed away in 2003. The mystery about the attire is also solved, thanks again for clearing that up!

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Who She?” The answer is, I don’t know. I just happened to be flicking through my records in order to catalogue them, and this one appeared…


It was part of a bag of records given to me by a friend. As you can see, at some point during its life, it has been used as a chew toy by a mischeivous puppy, which means the vinyl really doesn’t fare much better. Due to its condition, and the fact I’ve never heard of Mrs Bennett, it almost went into the big green charity shop in the sky (aka, the wheelie bin), but something’s made me keep hold of it. There’s a mystery surrounding it. I can’t find anything about her. At all. A few places have this record for sale on the internets (no, I’m not on the lookout for a replacement copy), but there’s no information on the lady, at all. the record doesn’t have a date on either, so I’m not even sure how old she would be now. If she’s still alive, that is, which I hope.

Somewhere in this terrace of unassuming, yet incredibly expensive houses, is number 76, the registered address of Nevis Records. Doesn’t really look like the type of place to be churning out platinum discs by the skipload, but let me give you the spiel on the back of the record…

This album by Jean Bennett has been made in response to the many demands from her fans. It contains many of the songs for wich Jean is known so well.

Lancashire born and living in Blackpool, Jean’s popularity is nation wide.

The expert opinion of Nevis Records producer Jim McLean and the musical direction by Nicky Welsh has combined to make this a Jean Bennett Classic.

Right you are, then. I’ll take your “expert” word for it. Now, the stylus on my record deck is broken anyway, so I’m going to play myself a couple of tracks. I’m not too bothered if I hit a canine-induced crater. Track 1, “On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep” is a no-go. the teeth marks are too deep to even attempt it, so let’s start with Track 2, “Bless This House”…

One thing that strikes me straight away is that this record is badly manufactured. It’s off-centre, which means everything’s wobbling about, making it sound off-pitch.

I played that side to the end, and although not my cup of tea, it was acceptable. There are probably worse ones out there. Either way, I’d love to know what happened to old Jeano, and if there are any fans of hers still out there… and can anyone explain those clothes she’s wearing?

Here’s the track listing for this album…



UPDATE 4/2/2017 – 2016 imagery for the houses, couple of typos fixed

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14 thoughts on “Jean Bennett Sings”

  1. Yes I can help. Jean was my Aunt.
    Here is her Obituary

    Blackpool Belle dies 12:42Friday 28 November 2003 KNOWN as the Blackpool Belle, Jean Bennett was a showstopping singer in the resort’s clubs for more than 30 years. The Chorley-born singer started lessons at the age of seven and made her first appearance in Blackpool at a young age, in music festivals. She won numerous contests, including the Kathleen Ferrier Rose Bowl at Blackpool Music Festival and appeared in Uncle Peter Webster Talent Shows at Central Pier, along with Bobby Bennett. At the age of 15, Jean began a career singing in clubs around Lancashire. Special dispensation had to be made for her to appear as she was well below the permitted age for such establishments. In 1974, she was invited to sing at the Essen Press Ball in Germany by the Mayor of Essen, who had heard her singing in their twin town of Sunderland. Jean was billed as “The Little English Girl with the Big Voice” and appeared on the same bill as Caterina Velenta of The Breeze and I fame. Jean was a three times winner of Opportunity Knocks and appeared in the all winners show alongside Russ Abbot and the Black Abbots. Shortly after that she appeared on ITV’s People and Places. In her 35-year showbiz career Jean worked with a host of household names including Bob Monkhouse, Des O’Connor and Tony Christie. In the later stages of her career, she worked within the Blackpool area under the guidance of the late Norman Teal. Performances included representing clubland at the prestigious midnight matinee held at the Blackpool Opera House, and venues in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and even South Africa. Her final years were spent in her beloved Blackpool, where she performed many summer seasons in various venues in the resort. Away from the stage Jean married husband Jim Nuttall in March 1986 and had one son, Jason. She died in Blackpool Victoria Hospital on November 25, after illness, aged 56.

  2. As for the attire, well that was Jean’s second spot of her act,
    she used to dress up as a tramp and sing old time favorites and songs likened to being a tramp and poor in the working men’s and political clubs from the 70’s to the 2000’s when she retired. Songs like IF I WERE A RICH MAN, MATCHSTICK MEN and ON MOTHER KELLY’S DOORSTEP were staple songs of her act

  3. I had all jeans cd’s but sadly lost them all. Can I get any CD’s of jeans today.

  4. I was clearing my loft and had this record in my collection. it is signed by Jean with the message “Good Luck Forever- Love- Jean Bennett xxx. I have since listened to it and it is lovely.

  5. I knew Jean in Blackpool in the70;s fabulous lady. She also sang in a club called Napoleons on Waterloo road and was a regular at Layton Institute a WMC and very popular in those times.
    A real Blackpool Legend .

  6. We came back from Australia in 1981 and our friends had enrolled our 15 year old daughter Tracey Marie into the Flagship Bar Talent competition which she won £500. Jean Bennett was also an Agent and along with a well known man in the business, Norman Teale. They signed her and got her work. Initially in Australia Ttacey sang to 8 piece band music so it was strange for her to sing to organ and drum music which were called dots. Jean was a Brill mentor as Tracey had a strong Alto Contralto voice. Jean also had a beautiful big voice and Norman Teal found the top venues. I remember Jean also knew Junior nick named (Mad Moiri) my daughter Tracey went back to the Country of Australia with her husband and child. I also remember Rose Marie was singing in Blackpool at the time. RIP JEAN

  7. Me and my husband seen Jean in working men’s clubs in Blackpool she was the best I’ve got her record signed what a talent x

  8. She appeared in the summer show at The Talbot Conservative for a number of years.
    Phil Devere was the compere,Colum on drums and an organist whose name I can’t remember.

  9. My name is william hyde and jean bennett was my first wife. I was married to her when i was around 21-22, we got married in chorely and lived in lowton. We was married between 8 and ten years.. we have been to spain and stayed on a camp site, when we got a messaged from her mother telling us that jean had an chance to appear on a show called oppotunity knocks. We come home from spain as she took the chance to appear on the show. The first time she contested on the show and won.. the second the was unfortunatly voted of the show as a body builder won. We travelled all over Wales working while she sung in bars and shows.. Jean decided to travel to australia but i decided that i wasnt going as i was working with my horses at the time. She stayed in australia roughly 6 months and then came as her singing contract was up. I arranged to pick her up from the airport.. we then broke up and decided to get divorsed. We had very happy memories in the time we spend as a married couple and sad that she has passed. I hope my passage is okay as i have had a stroke and my granddaughter has wrote it best she can from my memory.

  10. I think she should have a statue in Blackpool as she was the Blackpool belle

  11. Jean was my best friend at senior school. Her voice was so
    beautiful, great personality. We both loved horses. Great to know that she was so successful in her singing career & held in such high esteem. Happy memories in the 60’s. So saddened to hear of her passing. RIP Jean

  12. I heard jean Bennett sing years ago in Blackpool she was outstanding so sorry to hear this beautiful lady was taken far to soon💕💕🍸

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