Goodbye Maplin (Teesside Park)… I hardly knew ye.

One of my favourite haunts for “tech stuff” is closing its doors very soon. In fact, assuming I finish and publish this post on 21st May, it’ll be “today”.

I’m not sure where to start with this post I’m sorry to see it go. I’ve bought so much stuff here over the years. My desk drawer is full of those little screwdrivers they sell at the counter, because they’re so cheap, and I’m always losing the little bits out of them, and whenever any work needs doing on my PC, I’m searching all over for *that* Philips bit that’ll undo that weird screw holding something in place.

My condolences go out to the staff, and the poor bugger who had to put this up in the window, sealing his fate. Rather like what happened to me back in 2012 when I (and my colleagues at the time) saw other people doing our work.

On a side note, there are absolutely no bargains to be had. There a re a couple of “50% Off” bins near the counter, containing weird shaped fluorescent tubes and ink cartridges, but nothing of any relevance.

I did intend to type a whole long rambling post about what I’ve bought in there over the years, but, quite frankly, I can’t be bothered. Any chain of stores that thinks it’s reasonable to charge £25 for a CD wallet doesn’t deserve my custom. There, I said it.

EDIT: As promised, and seeing as I’m at Teesside Park right now, snaffling free Wi-Fi, here it is. All closed down

EDIT: MARCH 2018 – It’s sad news that the entire chain are closing all of their stores, and will disappear off “the high street” altogether. As a commentor mentioned below, the nail was in the coffin when it turned into a glorified toy store.

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8 thoughts on “Goodbye Maplin (Teesside Park)… I hardly knew ye.”

  1. I cant believe Maplins is defunct on Teesside Park, I have fond memories of buying wire there cheaply……
    Tragic, and I didn’t even know until I read this, so I would have likely drove over there to be pissed off!!!!!

  2. I seem to recall the staff saying they had six weeks’ notice, however, they didn’t announce it until the last week or so. Wonder how many people went there for something daft and found that it had closed too?

    Could have been much better publicised.

  3. Just driven here and found it gone and yes pissed off. Durham too far and Middlesbrough no parking and I like my car with its windows intact. Bad love Maplins. Staples has also gone so PCWorld have the monopoly for office gear with no competition on site. Bad move Teesside park.

  4. I know where I can get one I’ll go to Maplins teesside drove here walked up and down can’t find it. Gone!!!.
    Not a happy bunny.

  5. well pissed off about this with being a wheelchair
    user it was ideal not looking forward to going to
    the other shops :(

  6. As with others, I was surprised not to be able to find it a couple of days ago. The old Middlesbrough shop at least had some free parking nearby but won’t use their new shop and Durham is way too far. Didn’t notice Staples had closed either – that’s a shocker.

  7. Manager did say a couple of years ago, it’s becoming a ****ing toy store, and we are selling less of the electronics that people want and what we are about. Shame a big store with thousands of passing trade. What are the owners thinking of.
    Big big shame.

  8. Sad news after so many years trading with them although of late price of stuff at Maplin’s really high.

    But icing on the cake while shopping in Mansfield today bought a couple of power cells for £4 saving well over double that.

    Feel for the staff, still great service despite probably only the dole to look forward to with so many retail posts disappearing.

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