STuffed – Atari ST Disk Magazine

Right, so I’m part way through converting the big box of floppies I got from ebay. From the looks of it, there’s not much of interest to me. There’s lots of public domain disks. I have a feeling that there’s probably a few “missing in action” disks there, so I’ll certainly go through them in greater detail, and upload them somewhere. One thing I did find, is that there was a disk magazine called “STuffed” by Floppysoft – I had a check, and couln’t find anything about it, except for a brief post a couple of years ago on an ST forum. The author, at the time, lived in Aberdeen, and now lives in Australia. As far as I can see, the disks have never been converted, so I bring to you, disks 1 and 2 of STuffed…

STuffed 1
STuffed 2

Day 4 – HariBoJo

Ugh. I’m really not liking this working from home lark. Fair enough, the sleep-ins are nice, and being able to get out of bed at 06:50 and be ready to sign on at 07:00 is a nice bonus. Of course, today didn’t work out like that, otherise I wouldn’t have mentioned. Cirtix required an update, and seeing as the laptop’s instruction manual was printed in Latin, it wasn’t going to be a quick procedure.

Eventually on it came, and the morning was pretty busy. I clearly can’t say much about what I did, that’s because I’ve forgotten most of it.

Lunchtime came, and instead of food, I thought an extra hour in bed would be ideal. A big mistake, and I woke up feeling worse. Food consisted of a frozen kebab in a pitta bread. Pretty disgusting, but it guarantees my daily intake of earholes, eyeholes and arseholes I suppose. Yum.

Later on in the afternoon, Daddykins went out to make sure the car was still functioning. It hadn’t left the leafy gravel driveway of Mercuryvapour Towers since Friday, especially since we had to sack the chauffeur thanks to social isolation. I joined him, because I wanted to see something other than the artexed walls of the kitchen. Technically this trip out is allowed, as I went into a shop in Blackhall to pick up some essentials. 8 cans of coke, a bag of Haribos, packet of beefy Space Raiders, and some apples to balance everything else out. The search for a fresh loaf of bread continues.

And this is where you see me now. I watched the local news. Lots of camera shots of deserted streets, and news reporters with extended microphones patronising the local residents. One woman was asked why herself and her husband were out. She said she didn’t know. Suppose if you don’t have a telly or the internet, you wouldn’t. And especially how we’ve been told to distance ourselves from other disgusting horrible filthy human beings.

Never fear, as the government have sent text messages to all of our phones. To be fair, if you’re out and about now, you’re not going to be taking any notice of this now, are you?

Myyyy Corona!

I don’t really have any need to leave the house at the moment anyway. The charity shops are closed, Maccy D’s has closed. I’ve let my Pokemon Go day streak lapse, so there’s not even any point of walking to any of the nearby pokestops.

So, tonight I’ve been playing records. And I’m quite aware that Days 3 and 4 have been posted within minutes of each other, but I doubt anyone is reading this tripe anyway. As you were!

Day 3 – there’s going to be a lot of days like this

You’ll probably find there’s some days where I don’t do updates. You can safely assume that the day is going to be a carbon copy of what today was.

Woke up early, went downstairs to work. Stayed there until my dinner at 11. I broke protocol by going down to the butchers, in the hope of finding something edible, and there were warm pork pies. Spot on. So, that was dinner. I got talking to the lovely lady behind the counter, and found that they did deliveries for anyone in dire need in the local area. She handed me their business card, and she would be the last person other than Daddykins I would see that day. They also took card payments, which I didn’t know. Hurrah for contactless. I returned home to pouch on my porcine pastry

That was pretty much it. Returned home, and completed my work shift. I finished work, and went straight to bed. I was that bored.

I was awoken by my tablets. I’ll leave it at that. It wasn’t pleasant.

I then went downstairs, and found that the country was on full lockdown. Oh, nice. Of course, this made Boris Johnson the first person to officially end the DFS sale.

Day 1 of lockdown. Kinky boots, anyone?

Let me say that this was almost an entire day of isolation. I left the house with someone who is also self isolating as the call for Maccy D and Pokestops was just too great. Don’t know if that counts.

But yeah, apart from that, yesterday was my first day under isolation. Friday was also pretty much self isolating now that I’m working from home, but I went to Lidl on my dinner break.

So, what did I do yesterday? Sleep, mostly. I didn’t bother getting out of bed until 11, as that’s when I went for the afore-mentioned fast food. We returned about 45 minutes later, and then it was time to decide what to do.

Now, as I mentioned, this Coronavirus thing has meant that I’m working from home, so we all got USB headsets to commect to the… Ahem… top-of-the-range laptops (honestly, these bloody things should have roman numerals on the number keys). And what do these headsets come in? A large cardboard box. Now, my eagle eyes spotted that this cardboard box would be exactly the right size for storing 7″ singles, so I asked if I could take them home, and that was my Saturday sorted.

That meant that from 2pm in the afternoon, to 2am this morning, I was able to give a location to 309 of my 7″ singles, which also involved checking all of the track listings, catalogue numbers and bar codes, and just all-round checking the data on them was correct. So, if you as me where my copy of “Kinky Boots” by Honor Blackman is located, I can tell you instantly.

There was plenty of sleep involved too, which is probably why I stayed up for so long. Went for a lie down at about 5, didn’t even flinch until about 9:30. Oops. I did end up binge-watching 5 episodes of “8 out of 10 cats”, which had been on the sky box since the start of the year at least.

Day 2 literally never happened. I left my bed for about an hour. Maybe Day 3 might be different. I doubt it. I’m “at work”

Kenny Rogers dies…

Aw, that’s a shame, as I liked quite a few of his song. “The Gambler” is the obvious one. I first knew of the song because a guy called Eddie used to sing it in the Buffs (spit).

Then there’s “Island In The Stream”, that duet he did with Dolly Parton, which was later ruined by some rapper in the form of “Ghetto Superstar”

“And somewhere in the darkness, the gambler, he broke even, and in his final words, I found an ace that I could keep.”