Day 1 of lockdown. Kinky boots, anyone?

Let me say that this was almost an entire day of isolation. I left the house with someone who is also self isolating as the call for Maccy D and Pokestops was just too great. Don’t know if that counts.

But yeah, apart from that, yesterday was my first day under isolation. Friday was also pretty much self isolating now that I’m working from home, but I went to Lidl on my dinner break.

So, what did I do yesterday? Sleep, mostly. I didn’t bother getting out of bed until 11, as that’s when I went for the afore-mentioned fast food. We returned about 45 minutes later, and then it was time to decide what to do.

Now, as I mentioned, this Coronavirus thing has meant that I’m working from home, so we all got USB headsets to commect to the… Ahem… top-of-the-range laptops (honestly, these bloody things should have roman numerals on the number keys). And what do these headsets come in? A large cardboard box. Now, my eagle eyes spotted that this cardboard box would be exactly the right size for storing 7″ singles, so I asked if I could take them home, and that was my Saturday sorted.

That meant that from 2pm in the afternoon, to 2am this morning, I was able to give a location to 309 of my 7″ singles, which also involved checking all of the track listings, catalogue numbers and bar codes, and just all-round checking the data on them was correct. So, if you as me where my copy of “Kinky Boots” by Honor Blackman is located, I can tell you instantly.

There was plenty of sleep involved too, which is probably why I stayed up for so long. Went for a lie down at about 5, didn’t even flinch until about 9:30. Oops. I did end up binge-watching 5 episodes of “8 out of 10 cats”, which had been on the sky box since the start of the year at least.

Day 2 literally never happened. I left my bed for about an hour. Maybe Day 3 might be different. I doubt it. I’m “at work”