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Right, so I’m part way through converting the big box of floppies I got from ebay. From the looks of it, there’s not much of interest to me. There’s lots of public domain disks. I have a feeling that there’s probably a few “missing in action” disks there, so I’ll certainly go through them in greater detail, and upload them somewhere. One thing I did find, is that there was a disk magazine called “STuffed” by Floppysoft – I had a check, and couln’t find anything about it, except for a brief post a couple of years ago on an ST forum. The author, at the time, lived in Aberdeen, and now lives in Australia. As far as I can see, the disks have never been converted, so I bring to you, disks 1 and 2 of STuffed…

STuffed 1
STuffed 2

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  1. Great! I’m glad you were at least able to use some of the discs. I hope you find some Amiga ones soon

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