Another server move!

Apparently, my server got thrown into the back of a van the other day, and shoipped off to a shiny new datacentre, so drop a comment if something appears broken. It shouldn’t do, but y’know. these things happen. I say this every time it happens (third or fourth time now?) nd nobody ever does. Either that means that nothing went wrong, and my webhosts are doing their job correctly, or it means that nobody is reading this. I can’t use SFTP but that’ll probably just be the DNS kicking back in, or something.

Pointless post is pointless.

I’m back

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I’m back, and have, once again, got full access to the site. I’ve no idea what caused me to be blocked, and neither do the hosts, as the log files only last for a few days. Still, now I’m back, I might as well post something good. I’ll finish day 2 of Scotland in a bit.

EDIT: Banned myself again, though I think I know what’s causing it now. I’ll get onto the hosts when I can be bothered.

A little tweaking, here and there

Good lord, it feels like I’ve neglected poor old MV over the past few months, and that’s mainly because I have. Thankfully, I’ve made some changes which should fix some of the issues. Well, one issue, anyway. the vigilant in you would have noticed a PHP error on the bottom of the page, mainly down to the Akisment plugin moving its goalposts. That’s gone.

Secondly, an an issue that’s still ongoing at the time of typing, is that none of the flickr images are working. That’s intentional, and I’ll go through and fix them individually. this is, again, down to flickr changing their perspective on what a customer is to them. All we users are now, are money making cash cows, and although I intend to continue to use them as an image “backup” service, or at least somwehere I can sign in and search my own photos, I’ll no longer be using them for hosting images on here. This means I’ll have to trawl the site, download the 500px size images manually and then remove all the links back to flickr as they’ll no longer work. I no longer have any public images.

Don’t worry, however, it’s not the end of shit photos from me, as I intend to use the gallery in place of it. Due to space limitations, I won’t necessarily bombard it with loads of images, and they won’t be full size, but I’m not greedy. If you like an image, and want to see it in greater detail, I’ll put it somewhere. I know that’s not gonna happen though. as nobody has ever commented on how good my photos are. Ever. Sob.

The gallery has returned…

Some of you will be thinking “Oooooh”, and some of you will be thinking “Oh”. But yes, I’ve managed to get the gallery up and running. For once, this will consist of a collection of photos I’ve taken myself, in the shitty-balls year that was 2012. Despite my ranting and raving in an earlier post, there were a couple of chances to take photos in the year, despite the fact I broke the lens on my big Canon camera.

this time, I’ve also made use of one of the many subdomains I have, meaning it’s a lot easier to access than the other one. Therefore, without further adieu, I bring you…. [drum roll]

… well, what did you expect? Fireworks?

Despite it being simply a later version of the software I used to use in the previous incarnation, it seems to be a lot smoother, however, don’t worry if it’s a little bit slow the first time you visit a picture – it now generates thumbnails only when they’re needed. A vast improvement on me having to upload a gallery, then sit there clicking the “Generate Thumbnail” button for every 20 photos I uploaded. The server move also appears to have cured a few of the other kinks I was having.

Comments will once again be open, until the spambots get hold of it.

This is entirely a “work in progress” as you can imagine, so expect to see quite a few more photos popping up during the coming days.