The Wesley, Hartlepool fire…

Sad news from anyone from the town, the iconic building known as “The Wesley” has had a major fire this evening.

I was in the comedy club at the Town Hall, and this was the scene about half an hour ago. One of the few remaining iconic buildings in Hartlepool.

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2 thoughts on “The Wesley, Hartlepool fire…”

  1. Tragic news, hopefully the building will be restored now, once the insurance has coughed up…..

  2. Let’s hope so, it’s one of the few buildings left in the town worth saving, it’s a same it was derelict for so long, both before and after it was a nightclub.

    Word is, on the factually accurate medium known as facebook, that the building is structurally sound, so hopefully it won’t be long until it’s sorted, but I’m not holding my breath…

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