Bye bye Steetley part 3, the demolition

Well, it’s all over. the dust has literally settled, there is officially no more steetley Chimney. After many decades overlooking the residents of Hartlepool, its fate was sealed at 11:06AM, and it crashed to the ground in a cloud of black smoke.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as many cameras covering the event as I anticipated, but I still managed to get these…







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3 thoughts on “Bye bye Steetley part 3, the demolition”

  1. Kind of sad in a way, my father worked there when I was a kid and I did my works experience there too.

    Still, not as sad as I was to see the vats go You could always rely on them for a bit of chav-darwinism in hot summers.

  2. Bah! Have you STILL not got a new lens? FFS, you have a job now, get it sorted :p

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