Oooh! Rock me Amadeus!

Nowt like starting a post with an obscure song from a dead Austrian. I was originally going to call this post “Vienna Calling (Awooooah!)”, but I thought that would be a little too obscure, plus I’m actually listening to the extended version of “Rock Me Amadeus” as I type this. It’s the 8-minute version. On repeat. I’m wearing headphones. And they’re at full blast.

And so, it begins. The countdown to the holiday which has been tentatively planned since the spring of 2009. Lots of shit has happened which means these annual trips haven’t been so annual. However, in what seems like no time at all, I shall once again be leaving the shores of this wonderful country, and heading up into the skies to Austria, and finally landing in a heap somewhere near Vienna airport…

As usual, Chris and Jonathan will be tagging along.

This trip appears to be organised better than the last ones already. We’ve booked transport from the airport to the hotel, and the reverse trip a week later. I’m already scouting Google Maps for directions to the landmarks.

I’m not revealing the days I’m going (not yet anyway), but it’s soon. Expect the usual amount of photos (976 tagged with ‘paris‘, 919 tagged with ‘“berlin‘… this time, however, I’ll be taking 48Gb worth of memory cards (count ’em!) with me, and my little Canon is easier to take videos with than my old camcorder, so expect plenty of videos too! I might sort out some type of internet on my phone so I’ll be able to update with my experience while I’m over there….

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3 thoughts on “Oooh! Rock me Amadeus!”

  1. Hooray Hooray it’s a Holi-Holiday… Ah so your going a Holi-Holiday lol have a Great Holi-Holiday :) and with 48Gb worth of memory cards you’ll have 1000’s of Photos haha!

    it will also be Interesting to see what Street lights they use in Austria!

  2. Ah that was a typo, that was from when I named the blog entry after “Vienna Calling”. Fixificated, slightly

    Mr. Streetlight: Yeah, that’s something I’m looking forward to seeing too, and you can guarantee there’ll be plenty of photos!

    Vienna doesn’t have Streetview so it’s going to be a complete mystery to me too. From the photos I’ve seen on flickr, however, the road the hotel is on has suspended fluorescent lanterns.

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