I’m back

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I’m back, and have, once again, got full access to the site. I’ve no idea what caused me to be blocked, and neither do the hosts, as the log files only last for a few days. Still, now I’m back, I might as well post something good. I’ll finish day 2 of Scotland in a bit.

EDIT: Banned myself again, though I think I know what’s causing it now. I’ll get onto the hosts when I can be bothered.

And… you’re BANNED!

There’s not been an update for a while because I’ve managed to get my IP address banned by my hosts, meaning I can’t do anything with the site. For the record, this is bring typed on my phone.

I’ve raised it with the hosts, so hopefully I’ll be back on shortly, but I won’t be able to authenticate comments until this happens.