N-n-nineteen… Not out

Just a quick post. Nothing amazing, just to say today is the nineteenth anniversary of me starting this crap. Eeee. 19 years. Just think, pretty much every cat and dog that was alive when I started this, will now be dead. Google was barely a thing. YouTube was a mere glint, Facebook and twitter weren’t even dirty stains on the duvet. I also had all of my toes, and an unwaving sense of positivity.

So, here’s to another 19 years. Wonder if I’ll be doing this in another 19 years? Yeah, erm. Probably not.


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4 thoughts on “N-n-nineteen… Not out”

  1. I just saw the comment about you killing your blog, so not sure if you’ll ever see this, but… Aww.

    I like to think I was sort of an influence in you setting up your blog. Admittedly, it probably would have happened, but really we never had much else to talk about at… ahem… “Start*k” or whatever it was called at the time.

    Personal blogs really have had their spot in the limelight, I’m aware of this. It’s now used as an extension to facebook more than anything.

  2. I did see this when I reply I subscribe to all the comments. I just procrastinated on responding to it.

    You definitely had an influence on my picking up blogging. I wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for Scribler.org.uk (was it?). Your writing was an inspiration and always much more interesting and personal than I could ever manage.

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