A little tweaking, here and there

Good lord, it feels like I’ve neglected poor old MV over the past few months, and that’s mainly because I have. Thankfully, I’ve made some changes which should fix some of the issues. Well, one issue, anyway. the vigilant in you would have noticed a PHP error on the bottom of the page, mainly down to the Akisment plugin moving its goalposts. That’s gone.

Secondly, an an issue that’s still ongoing at the time of typing, is that none of the flickr images are working. That’s intentional, and I’ll go through and fix them individually. this is, again, down to flickr changing their perspective on what a customer is to them. All we users are now, are money making cash cows, and although I intend to continue to use them as an image “backup” service, or at least somwehere I can sign in and search my own photos, I’ll no longer be using them for hosting images on here. This means I’ll have to trawl the site, download the 500px size images manually and then remove all the links back to flickr as they’ll no longer work. I no longer have any public images.

Don’t worry, however, it’s not the end of shit photos from me, as I intend to use the gallery in place of it. Due to space limitations, I won’t necessarily bombard it with loads of images, and they won’t be full size, but I’m not greedy. If you like an image, and want to see it in greater detail, I’ll put it somewhere. I know that’s not gonna happen though. as nobody has ever commented on how good my photos are. Ever. Sob.