So, 12 years of absolute rubbish, then…

Would you believe it? 12 years ago today, I was sat in front of my computer, looking up these new, quirky things called weblogs. I signed up to Blogger, which was originally owned by Pyra Labs, but now Google, and began typing the first words into this site. Little did I think that 12 years later, I’d be sat in the same position, still typing my absolute garbage into a very similar keyboard.

I can’t think of any other way to celebrate this milestone, than for a very brief period, to reactivate all of the old blog entries, to show my writing style back then. Be aware that some of the information in there may very well be factually incorrect. I have not touched the posts since I ‘deleted’ them a few years ago.

UPDATE: No, “those” posts are not in the archive. After the “incident”, I deleted them, and didn’t keep a copy.

UPDATE THE SECOND: The archives are now back to normal. Hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into the past.