The Unknown Song, still ongoing (Identified Sept 2023!)

UPDATE: OCTOBER 2023: The Unknown song has been identified as “Where Has It Gone 2” by Phil Nicholas. I’m keeping this post up as a reference.

Anybody who has been in contact with me in any way, shape or form over the last 15 years of internet usage will know one thing. I have been after the name of a particular piece of music since the mid 90s. With technology moving on as fast paced as it has, I never thought I’d be after the name of this particular melody for literally half of my life. Unfortunately, this is the case.

The tune, in question, as I’m sure you’ve all heard before, is here:-

(I deleted the Youtube video after it got identified)

c64glen retweeted the above link (cheers man!), but at the time of typing, there was no response. Therefore, I’m asking on here, vainly, if anyone knows the above track. Here’s a copy ‘n’ paste segment from a ‘deleted’ I made back in 2007…

Way back in the mid to late 90’s, a guy called Tom Davies used to host a talk-in show on TFM, imaginatively titled “Tom’s Talk-In”. After ad breaks, etc, he used to play bits of music, usually announcing the telephone number to ring in and other bits of information like that.

All (or at least most) of these tracks were edited versions of different songs from the 80s and 90s (including my much-loved “Downtown” by One 2 Many). I knew a few of the tracks, but not all of them. There was one particular one I loved, and didn’t know the name of. At some point in 1998, I got Chris to phone in and ask its name…

“You can’t buy it”, was Tom’s 4-word response.
“What’s it called, then”? Chris asked.
“It doesn’t have one”.

I didn’t quite believe this, and still don’t obviously. A few people had rang up in the past, and asked what a certain piece of music is. Sometimes he’d help, sometimes he’d say it didn’t have a name, despite the fact I knew what it was.

At some point after this, Tom crashed his car into a field after swerving to avoid a fox, and the minidisc containing the show’s music was lost or destroyed. Some of the original music returned, but this particular track didn’t, and I never heard it again.

Luckily I found an old C90 with this particular tune on, and I was able to ask a few people whether they knew it. Unfortunately, nobody did. To this day, I still call it “The Unknown Song”.


If you do find out what it is, for god’s sake, leave a comment or something.

Needless to say, nobody did leave a comment. Technology has moved on, Shazam is now “free”, as in, I hope it as an app on my phone which is sponsored until the end of the year. No matter what aangle I point my phone at, it just will not name it.

I have got to the point where I’ve relied on Youtube’s “annoyingly fucking accurate” music spotter. If you have even a twinge of a song in a video, it’ll send you a snotty email saying that “XY owns the copyright, be careful, you peasant”. One of my videos got blocked in Germany because someone at [CENSORED] was dancing hilariously to the Pussycat Dolls. Another got ‘marked’ because I was on a walk with Gary, and I happened to be filming out of the car window while he had the radio on.

I thought I’d use this technology to my advantage, and upload the video you see above. Maybe it could give me some information on who owns this recording. Sadly not. It’s been a few days and their automatic system hasn’t triggered.

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10 thoughts on “The Unknown Song, still ongoing (Identified Sept 2023!)”

  1. You’re right, it is indeed one of your photos! I intended to do a bit more to this video, so I just put in one of your images (it was the first one I found) and set it to show for 30 seconds. I was feeling particularly lazy, so I aboandoned the plan of doing something with the video itself and just left it as it was.

    Works quite well, I think!

  2. Hi Lee, thanks for the comment! Sadly, it’s not “La Serenissima”. I’m very familiar with that particular track, and although Tom Davies did indeed use it as his introductory music, it’s not “The Unknown Music”. Thanks for taking the time to comment though!

    EDIT: Ah, it seems the embed code has stopped working. I’ve repaired this now.

  3. Turns out chad was no just a Billy Bullshitter, he was a William G. Bullshitter, as he didn’t know this song at all. For those of you who missed the update at the top of the post, the ‘unknown song’ is ‘Where Has it Gone 2’ by Phil Nicholas. The 2 is important, as it’s a library track with many versions on that particular CD. this one is the instrumental. ‘Where Has it Gone 1’ was the vocal version I heard of Grange Hill.

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