Hart Lodge

A little bit of local news for those of you who care, but Hart Lodge, known to the locals (well me, anyway) as “The Old Folks’ home” on Jones Road, is currently being pulled down.

I wouldn’t say it’s a pretty exciting landmark or anything, as it was a dull example of late 60s / early 70s functional architecture, but for me, it’ll always remain one of my childhood playgrounds. Even more so when they built the car park.

I’ll be adding some more pictures of my own to that same page throughout the day…

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3 thoughts on “Hart Lodge”

  1. Just been to Hart Lodge while my Aunty visited my Granda, walked the dog around the place & I can’t believe how quick it’s going there is only the Jones Road frontage left, the tower has gone. Do you know what the tower was used for?

    I was speaking to a resident who said it used to be some sort of lunatic assylum prior to closing in 2009. He also said that there has been rumors about the land being used for a more up to date care home (a similar situation to Swinburne Road where they demolished Swinburne House & built Laurel Gardens).

  2. Unfortunately, I knew very little about the place, despite it being just around the corner. I always assumed it was a chimney of some kind. I guess we’ll never know!

    As for the buildind’s final use, a “lunatic asylum” would probably be taking it to the extreme, though it is true they dealt with people with mental issues there – you would often see the staff taking some of the residents down to the shops.

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