Offline for a few days

As some of you may/may not know, I’m going to be off the interwebs for most of the weekend, so I won’t be able to manually add comments to the site. Well, technically, I can, but I’m going to be far too busy (hopefully) having a good time. Therefore, if your comment falls into the moderation queue, it won’t be on here for a couple of days, more than likely Sunday. Nowt personal, I still value all comments / emails.

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9 thoughts on “Offline for a few days”

  1. Now that would be telling, and i will when i get back. currently sat in Middlesbrough bus station, on the coach. Classy.

  2. Chad: Hahah, no, My horizons are a little broader than that these days. Not much broader, admittedly, however, Middlesbrough is not a natural stopping point to Sandy Bay.

    ATIF: South for a bit, then west :)

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