Music from the Thomas Cook advert

Wow, starting as I mean to go on, eh? This is my hundredth blog post so far this year… or at least it feels like it. anyway, this is a very quick update, mainly for my own benefit, but the music on the current Thomas Cook advert, with its wispy guitars, is “The Sea”, by Morcheeba.

I know it from something else, or at least I know that guitar riff. I probably have it on CD somewhere, I’ve bought a load of chillout albums over the years.

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4 thoughts on “Music from the Thomas Cook advert”

  1. The tune’s been on tons of stuff but most people know it from a series on Channel 4 – I think it was called Shipwrecked (or something like that) which ran for a few seasons. It’s a brilliant track. Ipod + morcheeba + feet up on a tropical beach = epic summer hols :)

  2. I can’t remember ever seeing that particular programme, but yeah, this track’s been in loads of stuff, every so often they use the guitar bit in something, and it triggers my brain into tracking down what it is.

    Plus, posts like this do wonders for my hit stats :)

  3. The music is the call waiting music they use. Maybe you’ve rang them and heard it while been left hanging on for them to respond.

  4. No, I’ve never rang them, so it can’t be from that. It’s probably been on the radio at some point, or a TV programme. It will probably remain a mystery forever.

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