The latest Hartlepool fire

It seems that every week, something in our “wonderful little fishing village” spontaneously combusts, meaning that a plume of smoke can be seen for miles around, and we get a few minutes of notoriety on the local telly.

A few days ago, this indeed happened, but it was over the other side of the town, and I didn’t find out about it until it was much too late. Thankfully, Andy the Iridium Fan caught what just happened to be my favourite image of everything ever…

Yes, it’s a ruined Philips Streetfighter! Well, I say ruined, would you believe, after all that, it still actually worked? Even the photocell functioned correctly! As much as I hate them, this has got to say something about their build quality. Oh, and you can click the image if you want to see the large version.

And, it would appear that my upload speed at home has been upgraded from 768k to 2Mb. Can someone hand me a tissue?

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8 thoughts on “The latest Hartlepool fire”

  1. ATIF: Have you been back to this lantern since you took the photo? I would love to know if it’s still working after being exposed to the elements like that for a few days!!

  2. I was along there yesterday in Mainsforth Terrace photographing street lighting fitting Zodion SS3 35 lux photo cells and yes it is still there and working!

    Every 150w and 250w SON-T lantern is to have it’s 70 Lux photo cell replaced with new 35 Lux cells meaning it is the end of the Royce Thompson Oasis 1000 after 12 years. The council have been given money by the government to save energy, though 18 Lux cells would have been a better idea. The whole length of Oxford Road was done today, Brenda Road tomorrow. It is an ongoing scheme.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the pics you took.

    Are they going to continue using the Oasis 1000 for 70-watt lanterns or are they going to start using the Zodions from now on?

  4. There are no more Oasis 1000s on order and no new ones lying about, all photo cell replacements will be done with 35 Lux cells. However they are poor quality and often will not strike up. I fitted some today.

  5. Does that mean that even the 70-watt ones are going to start using 35-lux too? What happened to the radio controlled ones? Are they abandoning those?

    Seems a lot of investment for one street and the train station

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