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Finally found a clip of “Okavango”

I’ve whittered on about this a good few times, and you’ll know this if you’re a regular viewer, but there was an entirely forgettable show on The Disney Channel called “Okavango”. It aired in the mid nineties, and it disappeared without trace. No other channel over here showed it, as far as I’m aware. This led me, until a few moments ago, to believe it was a Disney production. Turns out it wasn’t. It was produced by “Gibraltar Entertainment”.

Anyway, the show itself is forgettable. It’s about a family that move from somewhere in Suburbia to, I assume, the Okavango Delta. I cared not for its plot, but what I did like was the theme music. Again, I’ve mentioned at least three times that I managed to source the MP3, and it was the first MP3 I ever purchased. Its name is “Invent Yourself”, by Julian Laxton

Because of copyright and all that jazz, I obviously couldn’t put the MP3 on here, so I’ve been searching the interwebs (or rather Youtube) for a clean copy of the theme I can link to, and as if by magic… here’s not only the theme, but a complete episode!

Before you rush to press play, I must warn you it’s in Russian. Incredibly badly dubbed Russian at that. But, if you can put up with some Russian bloke reading out the on-screen text, then you can appreciate this awesome theme. Skip to the end of the video (23:40) if you just want to hear the music. Note how there’s no credits for the music composer. Shame on you, Gibraltar Films or whatever you’re called.

I’ve got Eurosong fever, Ted…

Ahhh, yes. It’s the only Saturday night of the year I look forward to. It’s Eurovision night. the only night of the year where I can quite happily enjoy 20-odd songs of questionable garbage. And, as is tradition, I shall comment on here regarding my findings. So this post will look bare right now, but it will fill up as the night goes on, from when it all kicks off at 8. BRING ON THE CRAP!

Well, before it’s started, Status Quo have just been on the lottery. I’ve always had a soft spot for The Quo, and this isn’t bad. I’m not going to be running all the way to Amazon to buy it, but it if came on the radio, I wouldn’t turn it off. Though, chances of it actually being played on the radio are rather slim.

20:02: Oh dear. It’s a Eurovision butterfly.

20:05: Yeah, so they’re going through the buildup. They’re singing the new European anthem. Or something. It’s done by Avici and one of the blokes out of Abba.

20:14 – FRANCE

She really need to brush her hair. Song slightly reminds me of Black Velvet. I can’t remember the name of the song.

20:18 – LITHUANIA (Something)

That’s the song name. I missed part of the song while I went to get the laptop, but it was average.

20:29 Oh oh, oh oh a-ding-dong. I missed most of the last few minutes, I’ve just got my MP3 player to work properly.

20:31 – SPAIN (ESDM)

A song that stoarts off with bagpipes will either go one way or the other. It went the good way. I really liked that.

20:36 – BELGIUM

Poor guy looks like a young Chris De Burgh.

20:39 – ESTONIA

Oh, here we are, shitty, slow ballad that’ll probably do really well, even though it doesn’t deserve to. And dry ice.

20:43 – BELARUS

I’m sure this is on one of Shakira’s CDs. I like it. Except she appears to go Brummie… “When the sun is always shining on YAAAOW”. I missed the end of this song due to the fact iplayer crapped out.


I realise it probably makes more sense to but the track number than the time.


I missed most of this, as I have broken the seal. didn’t seem to impressive


This wouldn’t sound out of place in a club somewhere. Come on, where are the daft songs? We’re up to number 11, and I haven’t cringed once.


Composed by one of those blokes out of Black Sabbath. Hmm. Those flame effects are a bit yellow. they want to check for carbon monoxide right about there.


Well, there was a brief pause there for a “comedy” film, and back to the songs. this is the worst one I’ve heard so far, which means, it’ll probably do really well. Slow, very little melody, and singer isn’t much of a looker. NEXT! Wow we’re half way through ,and I haven’t got bored of doing this yet. Hope you’re staying tuned.


Ah, here we go, the daft songs! Some bloke singing like an opera singer. I have no idea what he’s singing about.


Here we go! I don’t know why they keep recycling old singers. Sponglebert Jumpydink last year, this year Bonnie Tyler. It’s the first time I’ve heard it, and so far it’s actually rather pedestrian. Where are the gimmicks? We wouldn’t have won in 1981 if it wasn’t for the miniskirts. We wouldn’t have won in 1997 if the singer wasn’t Canadian. It’s not great. but I do love Bonnie Tyler.


I usually have a soft spot for Sweden’s entries. One of my favourite songs is “Invincible / Evighet” by Carola. Unfortunately, this doesn’t meet up to the same standard as that.


Yeah, I’m not always watching the screen, so to answer a question, that’s why I’m only putting certain track names in. the guy has glasses like I had when I was 8.


Apparently, this is the favourite to win it. Same with bagpipes. songles with penny whistles in them can go one way or another. I can see why this is the favourite, as I’m really, really liking it. Golden confetti really fucks with the iplayer stream.


Not bad, though the singer looks like the love child of Rick Wakeman, and Rod out of Rod, Jane & Freddy.


Bloke in a box. Instant flashbacks of Peter Griffin cocking his leg and farting. What happens if there’s a fire and he needs to get out there? Now they’re filling the box with rose petals! Let’s hope the guy doesn’t have hay fever.


A track called “Alcohol is Free”. and YES! This is the type of shit I was this for. Mad as a yard of mince. Douse Points!


Singer carried on my 7′ 8″ bloke with size 24 feet. Big feet, big socks. I bet he can’t walk into Primani and get a back of five near the counter. Song forgettable.


this was at number one for 8 weeks in Italy. I’d love to check the records and see when the last time we had a Eurovision song at number one BEFORE the contest. I’ll bet it’s a while ago. Music in Italy must be non-existant if this sold well. I don’t like it at all.

Is there a break soon? I need a wee.


Graham Norton’s just given his first warning about strobe effects. Now, so far before every song that uses them, it warns you with a big banner across the screen. Surely, if he’s giving the warning audibly, the only people who are listening, are those who can’t actually see, negating the need to audibly announce the strobing effects.

I’ve not actually listened to the song. I’m still trying to work the warning.


It’s like a modern version of “Save Your Love”. One more song and then I can get a packet of Monster Munch and a piss. Not at the same time, might I add.


Normally they have good songs. Heavy percussion is a bonus, so I like the backing track but the song itself really isn’t amazeballs.

SONG’S FINISHED. To the toilet!

Right, here we go. Results time. 39 results to go.

29 results to go, and we’re second last, with one point. We need to pull out of this shit.

And, it was around that part of the night I gave up. We’d lost horribly, and I had some other things to play with, so I went off with those. We didn’t finish last. I think we were about 5th last. Can’t remember, don’t particularly care. Still, it was an enjoyable mess of songs. Some catchy, some complete dross, and some I’m actually considering buying. All in all, it’s been just like every other Eurovision. Except, it’s just not the same since Terry stopped doing it…

A day in the life…

As you can’t have failed to notice if you’re following me on other social media, I’m now unemployed. Again. I’ve been out of work since the 2nd of January, and already it’s driving me insane. I’ve already reached the point where I simply can’t be bothered getting out of bed. Many hours since that fateful day, have been spent underneath the covers. I simply don’t see the point of getting up.

A text discussion with Jamie S about my situation suggested I actually get up on Saturday morning, and do something. I’d planned to actually go to Durham with Andy the Iridium Fan, but I ended up possibly having to help my dad fit his new “rotator”, which is basically one of these things. I’d still planned to do something on the morning, even if it was just a small walk about on my own. I’ve got some new radio shows to listen to, but more on those later. If I can be bothered.

Anyway, up came the sun, and eventually, up came my eyelids… at 12PM. Bugger. So much for getting up early.

A day in the life...

Yes, you may notice that I sleep upside-down on the bed, my feet are where my head should be. this is so I can watch telly in bed. I’m also sharing my bed with many CD wallets at the moment. I need to correct this, but I’m quite content at only sleeping on part of a single bed. S-s-s-single bed. Obscure 70s record reference there…

Anyway, we had to to get some cable. 3 core cable, and 25 metres of it. This would mean stepping out of the house. No sooner had I taken 6 steps outside of the house, this happened…

A day in the life...

Yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuup, that’s shite. SIX STEPS. SIX OF THEM. FFS. Today might as well just have been written off completely.

We ended up in Charlie Dickens, a local hardware shop, and while Daddykins perused the staggering amount of cables they had on offer…

A day in the life...

… I considered buying yet more plastic storage boxed to put my stuff in. I didn’t bother, deciding that it’s cheaper to use my ample bedroom floor space as a rather unorthodox shelf.

We returned back to Mercuryvapour Towers. While Daddykins went upstairs to tug on his cable, I checked the video recorder to see what goodies it had lined up for me. See, “Childrens ITV” were running a “Best of” to celebrate its 30th birthday, showing for probably the first time since they were originally aired, some of the classic shows I grew up with as a child.

And, thanks to a technical malfunction on behalf of the video recorder, not a single one of them had been recorded. Oh joy. Still, I was just in time to watch possibly the best three shows of the day, namely “Finders Keepers”, “Fun House”, and of course, the irreplaceable “Knightmare”.

It’s quite amazing how some of the shows had aged. I loved “Finders Keepers” at the time, but watching it again some 20 years later and with my childhood disappearing into the distance long ago, it just wasn’t the same. The set no longer looked amazing, the “quiz” element seemed tacked-on and pointless, and the rest of it just seemed so… meh. They used pretty much the same graphics as were used in Supermarket Sweep. I wouldn’t have noticed it at the time.

And so, onto Fun House. Now, unfortunately, for some unknown reason, they picked one of the later episodes, after Pat Sharp ditched his mullet. This seemed an odd decision, as the mullet was just as much part of the show as the go-karts, gunge, and the cock-a-doodle-doo sound when the team picked up the “Power-Prize”. I can only assume this is down to the amount of episodes still remaining. Kids shows, especially gameshow types, are pretty much worthless with very little resale value, and it probably was the case that the videotape used actually cost more than the programme cost to make, so many shows of this genre were destroyed as the tapes were re-used. Runaround is a perfect example of this. 100 episodes recorded, only 4 remain.

Anwyay, back to Fun House. again, I couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t the same. I spent most of the time thinking that Health and Safety wouldn’t allow it to even go ahead these days. Especially near the end where one of the red contestants lost control of the go-kart and went hurtling into the side of the set. Even I thought it looked painful. Also, how long would it have taken for an episode to be actually filmed? It must have taken them a while to move the “games” out of the way and clear the mess up once it had all been done. I’m aware of the rubber matting, yes, but it still would have taken time.

(UPDATE: A quick rummage on Youtube found this episode from the first series, so you can, once again, bask in the glory of the mullet…)

And as that show disappeared into the ether, there was only one more I wanted to watch. Knightmare. This was probably my favourite show when growing up. State of the art then, it was bound to look horribly dated in the 21st century. It’s only just occured to me that the ep they showed was from 1993. therefore it’s 20 years old. It’s the same age as Doom. ┬úD rendering was in its infancy, and boy, didn’t it show it! This was also a later episode, so it featured the “Eye-shield”. this was one of the parts of the show that ruined it for me. It allowed the creators to expand on locations, by inserting recorded sections of the “dungeoneer” walking around, with the view being provided to the other contestants by this “eye Shield”. For me, it didn’t work, as they added filters to the video to make it look computerised, though you could tell it was just a bloke walking around a ruined castle with a camera. Sigh.

They could never do a new version of Knightmare. It wouldn’t be the same. Most kids have more technology in their pockets than what was used in the entirety of the show’s run. there’s another episode of it on tomorrow, though it’s really quite obvious what’s going to happen in it.

After that was Fraggle Rock. Now I didn’t stay about to watch this, I left it to record, so I don’t have much to say. What I do know, however, is this was another show that fell victim to the tape wiping policies at the time (or at least, the master tapes have never been located), and only 12 of the 96 UK episodes are known to exist. Such a shame. The USA version is, I believe, complete, but it’s just not the same without Fulton Mackay. (UPDATE: It was indeed the US version they showed. The reason for this is because they showed an episode from when CITV was formed, in 1983, and the UK version didn’t begin until January 1984)

Anyway, that’s enough waffling about old telly shows. I’m sure you’re more interested in hearing about what I did for the rest of the day. Well, I slept some more. I’d planned to get some walking done around the time sunset comes, in the vain hope of getting some shots with the camera. Unfortunatelty, it became just that bit too cloudy, so I removed my shoes, and went back to bed. Jamie S mentioned getting an endomondo track of any walking I’d done, and I’m happy to report I did this, though a track of me walking to the offy and back isn’t the most thrilling map skills you’ve ever seen.

So, it’s now 22:30. I’ll probably round off the day with a couple of games of snooker (via Virtual Pool 4), and I’ll add some photos to the new gallery. More on this in the next posting, along with those radio shows I mentioned. I just feel I’ve babbled enough for tonight!

Sky Sports F1 theme

Look, I’m not back, I just thought I’d post about something I know about. It’s TV theme related, therefore, falls in my mental durastiction (or however it’s spelled) on adding a post on here. It’s too long to mention on facebook, and Twitter would laugh at me if I even attempted anything as lengthy.

The Sky Sports F1 theme is a slightly re-recorded version of “Just Drive” by Alistair Griffin. The original version was available for free on his website after it was used on the closing montage of BBC’s coverage of the 2010 season. the Sky version apparently has a new backing track, and a line re-recorded.. the line “Take it to the edge where I would die a thousand times” replaces dying with living. I’ve not heard it fully, as the first race was 5AM, and I had only half woke up when they played it.

For reference, everybody knows that BBC used “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, from their timeless album “Rumours”. ITV, in their short, and disastrous hold of the terrestrial license used “Lift me up” by Moby (alongside Rocket, by Def Leppard for the sponsor advert breaks). I can go back to lurking now.
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