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This blog has been following the ups and downs of my life since November 4th 2000. Amazingly, it's still going.

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The 1989 version of blogging.

It’s always been a passion of mine to write stuff. after a chance discovery, I am happy to show the first ever piece of writing I ever had published…. it was in the local paper, and formed part of the Chipper Club.

The Chipper Club was a “local” page in the Hartlepool Mail( the same format was copied across many locations), which allowed kids (aged 7-14 I think) to compose their own letters and get them published. Chipper, for the record is/was a cartoon dog, and you could be part of the Chipper club, with your own secret code, badge, and ID number. Basically, it allowed the local children to have their name in print, and get a reward for having their letter and name published. If you get three letters published, “Uncle George” would send you a gift token of one whole English pound. For Woolworths. Every Saturday, if you were a “Lucky Chipster”, you won a free session at the local swimming baths. I can’t recall if I ever won.

The Chipper Club ceased in the early 1990s. Chipper, at the last time I checked, is still being published in the Hartlepool Mail, but only as a small comic strip, probably in many other locations too.

You’ve got to be wondering why I’m rambling on like this. Well, I’ve been at a bit of a loose end for the past few days. In a fit of boredom, I pulled out a load of old photographs and newspaper cuttings. This was amongst it…

Well, I did do a clicky-bigger thing for that, but in hindsight, it’s perfectly readable, so that’s redundant. Words can’t express how much I thank my late mother for keeping this, along with everything else.

I don’t know where to start.

Right now, at this very second, things aren;t going exactly right for me. I’m not in one of my “oh, let’s ramble on about loads of stuff” moods, as it would appear that I’m diabetic. I’m still in that stage where they don’t quite know, and are putting me on a course of tablets (Metformin) to see what occurs. Part of me is shitting bricks over it, another part is “Well, fuck it. I’ll just live on bananas and “No added sugar” orange juice from now on. Another is thinking I only have myself to blame for excessive alcohol consumption, and another is thinking it was hereditary (my nanna was diabetic). Either way, my mind is going around in circles. I found out the possibility of the afore-mentioned disease just after I started my new job. A urine test showed high levels of glucose, and they referred me to my GP. Two weeks passed, as I couldn’t get down to see them due to work commitments.

I went in there, had a blood test (my first ever one, by the way, yay) and by 8PM, (19:40 to be exact), they arranged an urgent appointment to go down to the One Life centre and get it checked out. So, as the final whistle blew in England’s world cup game, I was pacing around the waiting room wondering what was going on.

As I say, I’ve been given these tablets, and I’m supposed to have them with a meal My head is just going around in circles. I don’t know what to think. I’ll find out more on Monday. Sell your shares in Carling, folks… this fucker’s off the drink!

Still ,it’s not the main reason I’ve been quiet on here, it’s just that I’ve been incredibly busy again. All of the times I’ve not been at work, I’ve been out and about. I went to Hull the other week, and I can’t say I was a fan. especially when it came to their branch of Cash Convertors. I’ve mentioned it many times, but I’m a music hoarder, and a new, unexplored branch of the afore-mentioned store always fills me with an incessant moment of glee, as I never know what treasures may be lurking on their heavily packed shelves. Take the one in Newcastle, for example. I’m a regular customer there, much to Jamie S’s dismay, as while I’m sorting through shelves of plastic wonderment at the price of 25p per CD, he’s farting about (quite literally), looking at the guitars and amps which he’ll never buy. Sometimes, there’ll be a comment about wanting to get home before he expires. this isn’t always a wise move on his behalf, as it “puts me out of my place” and I have to restart, making the time I spend in there 10 minutes longer.

the only time I’ve spent less than half an hour in there was the time I ate a pasty, knowing that, for some reason, buying pastry from only certain branches of a well-known high street bakery store, has the uncanny knack of doing the conga down my colon rather quickly.

Er, anyway, back to Hull’s Cash Converters. the CDs weren’t 25p, they were in the region of £3.99, and there were only about 50 of them. Gah, instant disappointment. I walked out empty handed. I think that was the only shop we went in that actually sold CDs.

while in Hull, we also attended “the Deep”, which is basically their version of Seaworld. It’s only the 2nd time I’ve been to an aquarium. The only other time was in Berlin, back in 2007ish. “The Deep” is bigger and better, if you’re 6 years old. If you’re an adult who just wants to take photos of some fishies, the £10.50 price tag might put you off (though, they are a charity), and it took us about an hour to look around.


the biggest laugh of the day came just as we were exiting. thankfully, there’s no “exit through ye olde gift shoppe (which is called… wait for it… “The Deepartment Store”). Instead, it’s on your left, and on your right is the cafe, selling… wait for it again….

An aquarium... and fish is on the menu

Jamie S once said, “does everything need a photo?” Yes, yes it does. I also, apparently “take pleasure in such stupid things”. Maybe so, but the thought of this plaice selling fish tickled me somewhat. Maybe this is how they get rid of their least popular attractions?
Admittedly, I was tempted by the chicken curry, but not at that price… that would come later in the day.

After a quick look around the shopping centre, we headed off home. I was a bit gutted I never got the chance to photograph the Humber bridge, but my disappointment was soon cancelled out by a visit to an Indian restaurant. I guess you’re surprised at that. Jamie S was the one that actually came up with the idea, as he used to visit Hull quite often, passed the place, but never attended. It’s in a village so small, even Daddykins hadn’t heard ot it. The village, that is. Not the indian.

A week of work flew over (literally, two and a half days), and the next trip was to Newcastle. This one was slightly different, as instead of the usual sights, we visited the Hancock museum No wonder the dinosaurs died out. they’re all in there, or at least their skellingtons are. I didn’t actually take my camera to this one, much to the delight of Mr. S. It does make this part of the blog pretty featureless though.

Leeds was next, another one of our regular stomping grounds. It was meant to be Sheffield, but we… erm, missed. Normally, when attempting Leeds, we park the car in East Garforth, a suburb just on the outside, and get the train to Leeds. this time, we risked the one-way system, and paid the car park prices. THIS TIME, thanks to That’s Entertainment, I managed to pick up some CDs. I’d love to tell you what they were, but I’ve lost them. they’re on my desk somewhere, and there’s about 20 of them. I just can’t find them. I really think it’s about time I tidied it more.

Well, it would appear that I got a bit carried away typing, and actually got a medium length post out of this. I’ll obviously post updates on what’s happening on here or on twitter, or some other shit that nobody actually reads anyway….

Short post, but still alive

Yes, I’m still alive, thanks for the comments / emails asking where I am. I’m still here, but as most of you know, things are a bit shitty at the moment, so I’m not blogging or taking photos. This would also explain, for those who care, the lack of updates on flickr – this would appear what most people are concerned about!

Pretty much everyone who reads this knows what’s going on, and the reason behind the lack of updates since October (when all this started happening). If you don’t, drop me an email or something.
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